It BEGINS : The preparation process

Happy new year lovelies, I wish you all an amazing time of celebration and a fruitful year ahead. I can feel the excitement in the air . I  really appreciate you all for following my blog , your support, corrections, encouragement and prayers means a lot to me. God bless you greatly.


Day 1 of 365 days , the year has started, waiting for no one to be ready , let me share this with you; It is about THE PREPARATION PROCESS.

Everyone goes through a preparation process, but how we go through it differs. Last year has either been good or bad, just there or really amazing,whatever it is, you are in your preparation process. Each time I see someone grumble or panic and worry (just like me those times.. Lol), I try my best to talk them out of it, and help them see the bigger picture and great things ahead of them.

Moreover, this is the period that everyone makes new plans, set new agenda, strategize for the next move and all, but then while making all this plans, we tend to neglect or get carried away and forget some little or big things that can jeopardize this plans.

Proper preparation prevents poor performance and one of the perfect preparations is PRAYERS.

(1 John 5:14)God delights in answering prayers that align with his will. But how do we know what God’s will is? The most reliable way to know is by reading his Word. As we seek God through Bible reading and prayer, we get to know his heart and gain wisdom and spiritual insight.

My dear friends, Procrastination, laziness, Excuses, criticism, low self esteem, hard times, failure, misunderstanding, confusion and the devil the boss of them is waiting to disrupt our plans.

       Indeed you know what, why,when, where, who and how to carry out your plans but just know you can fail yourself at any time, without a prior notice, not to talk of mere humans. No matter how creative or strategic one is, you still have to go through the preparation process.

***Understand  this  About THE PREPARATION PROCESS  :

• You have to pray

• You have to be sensitive

• Shame can become your raw material for fame/ Greatness.

• No negative condition you are in now is a waste,  there is something positive hidden.

• You stoop to conquer

• Always remind yourself,  your season must change. 

• keep confessing ;I will glory in my infirmities

• All your mess will turn into your message.

• You have to be at alert.

• Partial freedom is not freedom indeed.

• You must endure others, if you want others to endure you!

• At the zenith of your success don’t forget where you coming from…. When you forget where you are coming from, you will miss your destination AND Lose Your Crown!

• pray Again.


NOW.. understand that in your preparation process, it is not just all about you, people around you are involved, even those you detest so much. You never can Tell or predict who will be used to lift you or who will be lifted through you. God works in mysterious ways (unimaginable). SO CARRY OUT YOUR PLANS IN WISDOM AND UNDERSTANDING, because when God puts his flood light on you nothing can hide you.

Happy New year lovelies

Yaaaayiii Korex

 Photo credit : @essanHarrisphotography et @esan_harris

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