About a decade ago, a lot of people from my generation were taught back in the elementary school that the financial aspect of the household is meant for the father and the mother is only left with the job of taking care of the kids.The syllabi still definitely have that in them. But in the actual sense of it, bringing the matter back to realism, the new generation has been thrown into confusion in some homes as the tables aren’t in their positions, the tables have turned. Mothers are becoming the key providers of their families. I took a walk to a few schools in my environment this morning and I saw situations where some dads came to plead with the management to hold on till the mothers of their children get back so they could settle the bill tomorrow. There were women who came to plead that they would definitely pay up as soon as they get their pay chques.The question now is, what is the problem? When did we arrive at this delicate position in our society? Even when you look around you now, I bet you find a great number of women working around you….. Where are the men?. It’s not enough to complain about it but you are meant to wake to the challenge of taking up responsibilities as a man and allow a little support from your spouse. As a woman, keep working and look out for a really hard working man because it’s not fun to end up with one of those men that choose to push every responsibility to their wives. If you are currently in a relationship and your keeps acting like he doesn’t owe you any form of responsibility, please, you need to watch it. And avoid doing everything all by yourself, because the moment you make him feel you can do all, you are simply telling him not to bother about you in any manner.
Stop the table from turning in our generation.
Curbed from: http://www.smb.com.ng


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