Desperation is all over the air like they say love is in the air. The question is how did we get here? It’s understandable if we have old folks trying to get things done or trying to have things at all cost. It’s sometimes forgivable but youngsters going into shady things to get through short – cut. Some months ago, I was chatting on a social network when a guy sent his mini – profile to me, I was like “How may I help you? ” Cos I’ve never met him, his picture really looks unfamiliar. He was a 23year old guy trying to find a ‘sugar mummy’ I guess he copied a wrong number from the group he got the number from. I told him he contacted  the wrong person but I became keen on why such a young guy is trying to walk into jeopardy with his eyes wide open. All the methods I used in trying to get him to erase the thought proved futile. He already made up his mind on the wrong thing. Then I thought there are thousands of youths out there trying to make ends meet in the wrong manner .

Some channel theirs down to the worst things you can ever imagine, but tell me, what’s the worst that could happen to make these set of people reason in this manner. I’ve met several people with really bad mindsets about making money and trust me they all have their smart ways of defending their wrongs. You get to meet a fraudster, he will tell you exactly why he needs to defraud people, he will totally justify himself with ‘good’reasons. Some would even go as far as telling you the means doesn’t matter just the end matters. But is that true? Let’s now turn the tables round, the guy looking for sugar mummy must have got one by now, cos he seemed unstoppable. Come to think of it; what if he contracts STD or STI? What if one of his ‘business partners’ happens to be his future mother -in – law. These are few things we all need to check before getting down into those shady acts. Those that are into the business of defrauding other people. What if one day, you become the prey and not the predator, of course you will….very soon, because karma cares a lot about you.

Sometimes, we all need to take a little break from chasing the sky , the right things may not pay off immediately but they sure do, no one has ever been blamed for doing the right thing. Instead of waiting for nemesis to catch up with you, why not put a stop to that desperate act…. Stay positive.

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