Diary of a single mom

Source: Diary of a single mom


At the mention of single mom, a lot of people tend to think the speaker is referring to a widow or a woman who got pregnant at her teenage. This is quite a different story.

Basically,  not everything is what it seems, a thousand and one homes aren’t the happy ones they make us believe they are, here is the account of a woman I was chanced to have a conversation with who happens to be a single mom(literarily) . She isn’t a widow, she’s like every woman but different in her own way.  She’s got a husband who doesn’t exist where he should, she stays with her  3  children in the West while her husband stays in the South, maybe with some other lady? (you be the judge).

He only comes home twice a year and he stays with his family for just two days and off he goes again.

The woman is the one responsible for her children’s upkeep, she’s the dad and mum, of course, she isn’t a lazy woman like many young female, who come up consoling themselves they would marry a rich man. She’s the kind of woman I’d love to describe as a manly woman she’s one of the strong women I’ve come to know.

She once said to me “Sometimes I feel I shouldn’t have gotten married at all,  because I never  thought something like was ever going to happen in my marriage but then,  I look at my children and I realise its worth it”. When she finished her statement I felt a sharp pain in my mind and I asked myself how many women can still go through tough times without letting out their discomfort on their children? I got challenged by her experience.

She stands up to challenges meant for two.  The annoying part is people still find time to get a judgemental seat to judge her for trying to take up the responsibilities of her husband,  who has decided to keep off the responsibility lane.

After listening to her,  I realised the joy of the whole thing is she’s making out of her job for her children to make use of.  I took my time to look around carefully,  and I realised, most women are into the same stress which is really painful.  If you still dream of getting married into a castle and wake everyday with your maids putting off your clothes, and walking  you into a bathroom and whatever your fantasy is, (slap yourself before I do it for you) wake up and work your hard while you can.  Make whatever you want to make out of yourself. It’s better to be prepared and get the comfort than aiming for comfort without a backup preparation and get what you never bargained. Being an independent woman is extremely priceless, trust me.


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