Extreme Content Warning : 
This poem contains extreme content which some readers may find disturbing.
It is unsuitable for children or anyone who is easily offended…
Let’s escape this madness, to a place untouched by other hands.
I asked her, “How deep should i go?”
She said, “How deep is hell?”
To the very depth of darkness..
She closed her eyes to relax, thinking of all the men who had been here before.
She opened her eyes to react, thinking of all the men she used her mouth as a temporary container for milk.

But I will do it like no other,
Will fuck you, your pleasures, your sins and set all your desires on fire.
I will walk your waistline.
Treck every pathway on your spine.
And every inch of your madness.
I will drink me a sip of water from your deepest hole.
Make a crest on your clit and unleash the pleasure from your soul.

Making scars on your virginal.      
One scratch at a time.               
Each telling their own story.    
Between losing their fears and  wrapping thier winds.

I will touch you with my mind till your body can’t resist me no more.
Till your hands wont remember anything but my skin..  
Till your tongue wont remember any taste but my lips.
Till your eyes won’t witness anything but this night.

Your body will rage like volcano tides.
Moving close like an angry ocean current.
And this night shall roll all our strength
and all Our sweetness up into one ball,
And this night shall tear our pleasures with rough strife.

Fucking you from strength to strength.
Making every sweat account for their surfacing.
Making every sound pay for their arousement.    
You will never know what sex is with a dirty angel.”

… She said “god doesn’t like girls like me.
Jesus didn’t die for my kind of sins.
Cos I will give you something worse than the apple.
Something to wet my rebellious between my sheets.”    

But when you think your muse have ended in the folds of my bed.
I will make a thousand trails between your legs.
I will let your dreams run gently over my tongue.
And between my finger and where rivers meet…
I will soothe the soul in your body.

And i will leave every print of my fingers on every part of your body.
I will mark every part of your neck and your breast with my lips.  
I will travel with you from the bed, down to the floor, to the table and north against the walls.

Fuck you till you can feel your legs shaking.
And I will get you shocked in cums.
It will be the best sex you ever had.
Cos after this night, You will keep cumming back.
Searching for the dick that drove you between sanity and pleasure.
And it will comfort you, make you whole.

You little rebellious angel, 
beware of the hand that plays with your garment
and the dick that pass through your skirt.
Because after once, you become slave to that rod.
For Your Eyes Only, 
All Writings Reserved.


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