Wow!!! What a Monday it is for me..
Firstly I want to greet and welcome you all (my faithful readers, fans, and my fellow bloggers) to a wonderful and blessed week… Everything you lay your hands on shall turn +ve…. keep smiling and keep the dreams alive..

Well, back to the matter (In Wizkid’s Voice) hehehehehe… Don’t mind me….

Well, we all know about the popular name “EBOLA”..
Am sure you all must. Be wandering what am all about with this out frenemy.. 
It’s all started today, at around 9.00am Nigerian time, I was at the heart of Agege, Lagos, trying to locate my way down to Adeniyi Jones, Ikeja, but I couldn’t get a direct motorbike (Okada), tricycle (Kekenapep) and a Commuter bus going in that direction.. So I decided to do big man, hehehehehehe, I stopped a Red Cab, Oh my, at this point my heart was beating fast as I was trying to figure out how much he was going to charge but alas, in the end of the negotiation, I was able to aford the fare…

Now this is where I could help but laugh but at the same time I was stunned…

The following conversations took effect:
Red Cab: Please Hold on sir..
Me: Stunned!!!
Red Cab: Please Sir, don’t be offended but I have to test your temperature 
Me: Are you for real?
Red Cab: Yes.
Me: Why..
Red Cab: it’s an Ebola prevention requirement 
Me: Oh, really?
Red Cab: Yes, Just tilt your head a little
Me: Ok..

And he took my temperature and he said I was free and safe to board his cab… Mehn, I was so stunned, my mouth was opened down for close to 10mins (thank God flies did not take it as a new abode) 
Nigeria ehn…

I also got another shock when the same thing happened at the hospital where I visited but it was no longer new to me so I just smiled…
I want to appreciate Nigerians, they are really fighting and not giving Ebola a breathing space..

Let’s all join hands together and make Nigeria an Ebola Free Country…
One Nigeria, United We Stand…

Have a blessed and wonderful week ahead…


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