[NEWS+GIST]: BE INSPIRED! Atiku Abubakar Built His First House At Age 15


Hmm…Former vice president and presidential candidate Atiku Abubakar, In his new book titled ‘My Life’, has revealed how he built a house for his mum at age 15.I think that truly inspirational  Read story below:
I was granted a plot of land by the Gongola State Government at Yola Government Reserved Area. I hired a foreman and began building my first house. With close personal supervision, the bungalow was completed on time and to my taste. I rented it out immediately.
The rent I collected in advance on the house was substantial enough for me to purchase a second plot.  I built my second house and rented it out. I continued to plow back the rent into the building of new houses and within a few years, I had built eight houses in choice areas of Yola.
I also built a new house for my mother and rebuilt the old mud house I bought for her in Ganye when I was a 15-year-old student.”

Now am Inspired, are you?


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