Today, we had the opportunity to meet with a wonderful personality in the fashion industry and she shared with us how she came about been in the fashion world.
Below are the conversation which our team had with her.. Ms. Beambor Johnson C.E.O. T.A.G

1. What’s your name: 
Ans: Beambor johnson
2. How Old are you:
Ans: 21
3. What’s your state of Origin:
Ans: Ondo
4. What Local Government in Ondo:
Ans: Ilaje LGA Okiti Pupa
5: You from a family of:
Ans: From a family of 5.
6. What school are you in and what course:
Ans: LASU (Lagos State University), 300 level studying Business Administration 
7. What’s the Name of your Fashion world/house:
Ans: T.A.G (That Abimbola Gurl) 
8. What brought about T.A.G:
Ans: The name came to me. I was trying to  look for a name that  will actually make people want to  ask for the meaning, something funny/something that makes you inquisitive after hearing it. It would be a medium for awareness or publicity on its own, and this has been like a dream for me since my childhood. I have always had this natural love for art in general, I proceeded in my Education as that is very paramount for me, I got to find out my passion and love for female fashion as I grew older.
2011 was the year I decided to take that bold step and venture into the fashion world, took a fashion class that was precisely 10,October 2011 and stopped taking the class in May 2013, since then I have been in the fashion business.
9. Looking at when you started and where you are now, rate yourself:
Ans: If I am to rate myself over 100, I would say 50 because the fashion world is a very big one especially the female fashion and I feel I still have a lot to learn  and a lot of skills to acquire.
10. How supportive have your parents been:
And: Very very supportive, especially my mother, but for jealousy reasons they have both been very supportive. My siblings as well.
11. How has it been combining work and school together:
Ans: Seriously, it has been so stressful. Most times, I have to choose between school and work because they are both demanding. All in all, it hasn’t been easy at all.
12. What are the challenges you have faced or facing:
Ans: Time!!! Never seem to have enough of it. But Most importantly, Money, because of the variables  in people’s demand, most times money is not enough as I go for quality and not quantity, and to get this quality materials, I need cash. I need to do a whole lot with money as well, fueling the generators, servicing the machines, packaging the completed jobs and hosts of others. But the Main challenges I face/facing are: Time, Money, & Power Supply.
13. Where do you see yourself in the next 5years:
Ans: I see myself married to the right man by God’s Grace, working less and earning more money. I see my company having branches all over Nigeria and abroad, also helping a lot of ladies out there who needs it in the little way I can.
14. Among your contemporaries, how do you class yourself:
Ans: All I can say is, I am among the best and I am not a looser
15. So how many top fashionist have you worked with? Who do you look up to be like or go beyond:
Ans: I have never worked with any top fashionist, and I admire Deola Sagoe, her workmanship spirit and the way she does her things…
16. So what do you have to say to those, young aspiring fashionistas out there like yourself:
Ans: Never give up on yourself and no matter what, all worth doing at all is worth doing well.
If someone pays you cheaply, do not come down to do a cheap job, because those who sees it on your client would first look out for how well you did the job.
 N.B: Customers are always right, but don’t let them take you for a fool.

It was wonderful having this conversation with you and thanks for sharing with us this piece of information and am sure whoever reads this would learn one or two things, and those young aspiring entrepreneurs out there who want to venture into your kind of business would know how to go about it…

Thanks once again..

Contact T.A.G:
Mobile: 07013924773
BBPIN: 7A708C13

Try T.A.G and Smile afterwards

Here are some of her works







  1. Really inspiring. She is an enterpreneur set out 2 conquer d world. God ll definately guide her steps. T.A.G stands for That Abimbola Gurl. A growing business found by your favourite boo beambor a.k.a birdie beambie

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