[GIST]: Money Speaking ! Luxury Life of Nigerian Celebrities

Money Speaking ! Luxury Life of Nigerian Celebrities
From Aston Martins to Porsches to Bentleys

It come to our notice about the luxury life of Nigeria celebrities superstars is keeping moving faster from Aston Martins to Porsches to Bentley , while they really know how to flaunt their new acquisition through the used of social media.
Over the past decade now Nigeria entertainment industry has recorded a revolution of immense proportions , many celebrities stars now possessed their financial capacity to lounge exorbitantly and to compete with their fellow entertainer stars such as footballers and others sports athlete, which as lead to the opposed of those days that they used to hustle hard for shows , endorsement deals and royalty payment.
It now thing of history for them now. Back in the days Nigeria musician /actors/comedians were used to patronised cabs/taxis, while some even find themselves on Okadas (commercial motorcycles) whenever it was necessary.

But now a Big thanks for huge payment for show both home and abroad, caller tunes sales, mouth-watering brand endorsement deals from big companies and other territory that bring money for them. They can now afford to buy big cars, build houses and put their money into other businesses.
In the past will usually think that any cars will find they inside are owns by some rich people in town but will are totally wrong now.

KC Presh 2013 Range Rover (super charge)2013 BMW X6 N15millionN15million
Wizkid Porsche Panamera / BMW X6 N15million
Davido Mercedes Benz G-ClassAudi Q7 N21millionN12million
Samklef Range Rover sport N10million
Olamide Range Rover N15million
HKN Chairman Adewale Adeleke Porshe Jeep N13Million
Ebube Nwagbo Honda CrosstourPorsche Panamera N16millionN15million
Praiz Mercedes E Class
Waconzy Range Rover Sport N20million
Linda Ikeji 2013 Infinity Jeep N7million
Basketmouth Customized 2013 Opel Insignia N10million
Eldee Cadillac Escalade Limousine
Dayo Adeneye (D1) Bentley Continental GT N25million
Kcee’s Bently
Wizkid’sĀ porsche panamera

Waconzy’s Costomized Range Rover Sport

Olamide’s 2006 Range Rover Sport
Davido’s Camaro
The Prince and his Mercedes Benz
Sean Tizzle’s Camaro

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