Christain Anyadioha a.k.a XTEN is a Nigerian Artist (singer,performer,writer),who because of his love and passion for music started singing and dancing at Holly Blessing School somewhere in the suburbs of Lagos Nigeria at a very tender age.
He later formed a dancing group called Street Mercy who held the dance scene on lockdown for a while in Ikeja Lagos.They made appearances at a couple of shows and church concerts.
In 2007 with a new stage name the group talents made them known in Ikeja metropolis where they perform in functions and occasions.In 2009 XTEN gained admission into UNIVERSITY OF ADO EKITI where he studied music and also perfected his skills on musical instruments.
XTEN went solo in 2009 and continued his struggle in the music industry until he recently got a record deal with SAFARI MUSIC owned by Jerry Otomewo popularly known as JERRYBILITY,.. a concert promoter who resides in New York City, U.S.A.
Hard work pays off they say and that’s exactly the situation with X-TEN. He has been on his grind in the studio day and night, making lots of hit songs of which they will be gradually released from now till 2014. Now he has a club banger titled “IJO”. Pls be warned… this joint can crack your waist.

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